Tesla Model 3 – the prices in the EU – Europe

No official prices in Euro have yet been published, but let’s make a very rough calculation and let’s rather calculate in favour of Tesla Motors, just to be not unfair.

So, the current most sexy Tesla Model 3 configuration sums up to 59.500 US$, let’s see what that car would probably cost us here in Europe:
As of today these rounded 60.000 US$ translate to a minimum roughly 51.000 Euro. Here, in Germany we pay a sales tax of 19% what would mean 9690 Euro. Let’s round that also up and let’s say 10k Euro is the sales tax, brings that car to at least 61000 Euro.
This price do not include any special costs, shipping, a.s.o. i assume that such a configured car will be closer to 65.000 Euro including taxes, then to 60.000 Euro.
Currently you get a 4000 Euro bonus for electric cars in Germany. This „Prämie“ is only valid for cars less expensive then 60.000 Euro (incl. the sales tax). So in our case our premium Tesla 3 would not be „supported“ by the state, as far as i understand it. I went to the local Tesla Store and they confirmed that this „Prämie für Elektro-Autos“ is valid on the net price, meaning excluding sales tax, so that is great news for people interested in the Tesla Model 3!
A future dual engine Tesla 3 – for all four wheels – and one with the „Ludicrous Mode“ included, will be even more expensive, probably another 5-10k Euro.
So this all makes the Tesla 3 nearly double as expensive as the dreamed of entry prices, but it isn’t Tesla’s fault that the taxes (and regulations) here in Europe are even more crazy then in the US.
To tell the truth, these Euro prices make the car probably much less accessible not only to a few ten thousand customers, but maybe also sadly to me, as that would be 3-3,5x the price i have ever payed for a car and i would have to take a loan for it, what i would not like to do at all… On the other hand i don’t like driving, so it would be great if the e-car drives itself, Tesla, i might be just your customer after all. :)