Yesterday the German government invited the industry to a so called „Nationales Diesel-Forum“ also called „Diesel-Gipfel“, an High-Level-Industry-to-Politicians discussion two years after the incident where Volkswagen – and herein all their brands like VW, Porsche, Audi, Seat, Skoda… – had to admit that they lied about their so called green Diesel-powered vehicles. As it turned out, Mercedes Benz also lied and BMW seems to have just a little cleaner plate.

The outcome with the German politics, other then in the U.S., was very industry friendly. The changes – so the industry – could be achieved via software updates and the politicians even gave the industry a pass-by-card, so that those changes are not mandatory, but can be requested by the customers if they want it.
Often this symbioses between the German politics and the industry called „Deutschland AG“ meaning „The German Stock Corporation“ – never felt closer, i have honestly to say. The Federal Government of Germany, the peoples representatives does not protect the interests of the health wellbeing of their people, but rather the stock options wellbeing of the industry. And believe me, i understand that there are hundreds of thousands of job involved, but that would be another reason to move finally forward, instead of digging the own grave by not cleaning the own mess up.