Ninebot by Segway announced two electric "KickScooters"

Ok, ok, a scooter is far fetched from a e-car perspective, i agree, but hear me out: Ninebot by Segway announced two electric Mini-„KickScooters“ for a public presentation end of August 2017 with a distance of max. 25 km and with a second battery for up to 45 kilometres. That is as far as a BMW i8 gets, right? ;)

No prices have been announced just yet, but the concept of having the ES1 or ES2 – the weight is just below 12 KG with one battery pack – even in the back of your e-car doesn’t seem to stupid, does it?
In case we get a test-unit we will post a review here, otherwise check out Segway’s official website for more information…