Volkswagen MicroBus by 2022

Finally. After teasing the „New Microbus“ concept for now +15years, after the yearlong #Dieselgate scandal and after years of bad or at least half-hearted solutions for electric cars, Volkswagen officially announced that the Microbus actually might be build – for now the vehicle will be called I.D. Buzz. But you cannot buy it before 2022, what is very far in the future, at least when you look at the current e-car developments. Still, maybe better then never.

After todays announcement the car will be produced with a 111kWh battery system – a strange announcement 5 years before the actual production and especially in an industry which will change dramatically within those 5 years – and a second, cheaper, system with just around 80kWh. Volkswagen advertises the car in German media with a range of up to 600km based on the unrealistic NEFZ with the larger battery pack, compared to the US-range-definition for e-cars where VW speaks of 270 miles what translates into 435km. The smaller system wouldn’t achieve more then a range of 200 miles / 322 kilometers – probably not a good range for e-cars in 2022.
It is announced that the car will speed up until 99m/h / 160km/h and achieve 0-60m/0-100km in five seconds.
No announcements haven been yet made regarding the autonomous driving.
The comment
Basically it sounds like a bad joke that the car’s concept and the retro-revive of the actual „Bully“ will take 20 years from a first public presentation to the actual production and it seems crazy that the „go“ gets announced but that it then takes another five years to deliver – at least VW doesn’t ask for a 1000 US$ deposit for that timeframe ;) Oh and please Volkswagen, stop lying, if your car cannot deliver on that 600kilometers – but real kilometers, on real streets, not some stupid fake-tests – then why bringing up that number and start lying again…
P.S.: The Wikipedia article can be found in Germany <a href="http://here