Nikola Zero Details

The self-defined car and truck Nikola Motor Company – still has to deliver a vehicle product yet – published last week the details regarding the Nikola Zero UTV an „off-road and potentially street ready vehicle“.

It was announced that „Dealerships can begin reserving production units starting in January 2018“. The UTV will start at 35.000 US$ with a 75kWh and go up to 125kWh „giving the Nikola Zero more battery storage than a Tesla P100D, at a fraction of the price“ – a very loud announcement for a company which doesn’t sell any cars yet. Beside that it wasn’t announced how many dollars „a fraction of the price“ actually is.
We are not absolutely sure if we want to sit in an UTV which goes from 0-100km/h in less then four seconds, as Nikola Motors claims. But before that, let’s see if the vehicle can find enough preorders next year to get build at all by NMC. If that is not the case, we will see if then Nikola One and Two, the actual trucks, will go into production or if the company falls in the current lines of big EV announcement, without reaching a post-deleopment state.