Nissan Leaf 2018 Details announced

Nissan presented its updated Leaf electric vehicle today – now with a 40kWh battery pack and a possible update during 2018 with a 60 kWh package.

Beide the larger battery pack, which should make up to 270 km possible in a real world scenario – not those European and Japanese test fantasy numbers which claim up to 400 km – the car will now be equipped with a 110 kW (150 PS) engine, before it was just 80 kW.

The car will also have a so called e-pedal to drive the car which just one leg, latest technology called ProPilot to keep the line and to drive safely behind others cars is also integrated. A park assistant will automatically let you park the car without having to manually assist. And – at least for buyers outside from Japan, because japanese households could already use the car in such a fashion – there is a technic integrated called Vehicle to Grid or V2G to use the car’s battery to actually power your household.

Here is the official Nissan Leaf „world premiere“ presentation video:


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